SPECIALTY ANODIC COATINGS - Precision Coating - Medical and Engineered Coating Applicator


Anodic coatings that perform in aggressive environments requiring regular cleaning, sterilization, or exposure to harsh, corrosive environments must sustain vigorous performance thresholds. These cannot be achieved by certifying to Mil 8625 standards or other commodity specifications, or through minor modifications to long-practiced metal finishing processes.

To produce specialty anodic coatings that withstand such conditions, it takes a systematic development approach, clear performance testing protocols, and investment in novel process technologies that result in comprehensive application solutions and broad industry adoption. Precision Coating Company Inc. has been at the leading edge of these developments since the launch of microcrystalline anodic coatings in 2012, a series of breakthrough embedded printing techniques, and a range of specialty surface preparations.

Our goal is to allow our customers to achieve consistent and predictable functional performance for their products while also satisfying the design requirements of the products.