Anodizing Equipment

Anodizing Equipment – Low Voltage Hard Coat Anodizing Rectification

Anodizing rectifier – 500 Amp Anodizing Equipment

3000 Amp Rectifier

Sanford Process offers a range of unique and proprietary anodizing equipment for aluminum finishing based on Low Voltage anodizing technology. Our anodizing rectifier units can handle many unique anodizing processes, including QUANTUM®, PLUS®, SALVAGE™, and MICRALOX®.

Designed for high current density coatings that meet MIL-8625 specifications, but unlike conventional high voltage coatings, our Low Voltage anodizing rectifiers can process at 13 – 24 Volts. The unique design of our anodizing equipment provides a number of benefits, including:

  1. Lower voltage generates less heat, and eliminates burning for highly conductive alloys (such as 2000 series),
  2. Lower voltage leads to lower reformation of alloying elements that darken the coating and can alter the desired aluminum finishing qualities
  3. Lower voltage leads to less electricity used and therefore lower operating costs.

Unlike a conventional aluminum anodizing rectifier, the low voltage anodizing
rectifier units at Sanford process superimpose AC current over the DC wave form – a key technology differentiator that allows us to maintain high current densities and build up a very uniform anodic coating structure.

Standard Anodizing Rectifier Sizes

Anodizing rectifier controller

Rectifier Controller

Anodizing rectifier equipment can be sized for 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 Amps and are designed to meet the electrical requirements used around the world.  Specialized sizing can be developed to meet non-standard needs as well.  Our anodizing equipment is fully CE and URL approved and come with a 1 year warranty on workmanship.

Anodizing Rectifier Controllers

Settings for each anodizing rectifier are controlled with digital controllers for maximum control and flexibilty for outsanding aluminum finishing.  These controllers have an optional PLC capability for computer control, and include programmable process instructions.

Process Line & Turnkey Solutions

We frequently work on new coating installations for anodizing equipment, in a variety of roles.  Given the depth of our experience in aluminum finishing, as well as the reach we have with industry process equipment and chemistry providers, we are able to marshal full process line engineering support for projects around the world.  For more information, contact our Systems Manager.


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