Precision Coating in Costa Rica

Precision Coating Opens a PTFE Coating Facility in Costa Rica

This PTFE coating application facility is in one of the newest free-trade zone industrial parks in Costa Rica. Click here to watch the video.

Why in Costa Rica—Strategic and Beneficial

This new facility allows Precision Coating (Precision Coating) to be closer to our customers and will help to simplify a complex supply chain for companies involved in the manufacturing of various wire-based medical products, shortening the supply chain from weeks to days. With an increasing number of devices being produced in Costa Rica, it has become a regional hub with advantages in operating cost, workforce talent, and logistics. Precision Coating’s local PTFE coating facility helps complete the medical device supply chain in Costa Rica.

In a nutshell—having a PTFE/Teflon®-coating application facility in Costa Rica brings us even closer to our customers—shortening the supply chain from weeks to days—and represents a key element of an optimized supply chain for the medical device market in Costa Rica.

The Facility

Our new 1,300 m²/14,000 ft² state-of-the-art coating facility operates using the most advanced coating application technologies. Precision Coating’s involvement in the construction of the facility from the planning stage allowed us to tailor the build-out to meet exacting requirements, including environmental control and lean product manufacturing flow. The coating process is fully validated to ensure consistency of coating application and compliance with the most stringent specifications.

Facility Contact Information:

Precision Coating, SRL
Coyol Free Zone & Business Park
Edificio B 25
Alajuela, Costa Rica 20101
Phone: 781-381-5370

A Word from Precision Coating’s VP and General Manager

Walter Romero, General Manager of the Costa Rica plant, says of the initiative, “With the support of CINDE, the Investment Promotion Agency of Costa Rica, and other strategic partners, we are able to expand our manufacturing operations for the first time outside the U.S. The new facility establishes a pathway to greater expansion as we scale our automated coating lines delivering world-class coating deposition tolerances of +/- 0.00002” (+/- 0.50 micron) and Six Sigma quality.” 

Careers in Costa Rica

Along with the obvious business investments, Precision Coating is also investing in people. We have already begun the hiring process for the plant, which includes positions for engineers and technicians specialized in chemistry and basic manufacturing assembly. Early estimates indicate that in the medium term, Precision Coating expects to hire 30 people.

If you have a background in medical device coating and are enthusiastic about a career in Costa Rica with Precision Coating, click here to send us an email, stating your interest and qualifications. CVs required for engineering and technical positions.   

Precision Coating

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