Customized Finishes

Customized Finishes

Customized Finishes

Customized Aluminum Finishing

Can’t find the right aluminum finishing process for your needs? We have many years of experience in developing custom anodic coating solutions to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

Our expertise in a broad range of coating processes—from anodizing and hard coating to conversion coatings and more—allows us to modify these techniques to produce coatings that better match your specifications. And unlike other suppliers, Precision Coating offers the full range of Sanford Process technologies, including QUANTUM, PLUS, MICRALOX and CLASSIC. Numerous process factors can be altered to create a custom aluminum finish or coating that delivers the performance or aesthetic needs of your application.

Process Description

Precision Coating has many tools in our toolbox to help us meet your specific coating requirements. Our aluminum anodizing and coating capabilities include a wide range of pre-treatments, surface preparations, coloring, printing, and marking techniques. We offer the broadest range of decorative and hard coat anodizing processes for aluminum in the industry. Numerous seals and post-processes are also available for many aluminum finishes.

All our aluminum finishing techniques can be modified to meet the requirements of your application.

Certifications – As required.


“Currently, we use nylon coating on top of our aluminum parts. From time to time, we have had issues with delaminating and reworking. Can I switch to the anodizing process to satisfy our spec?”
Yes. We have several customers who formerly used nylon coatings and switched to our hard coating due to significant delamination problems. Just tell us your spec, and we will work with you to explain alternatives anodic coatings that are most appropriate.

“Can you eliminate the mottling and crazing defect in hard coat processes?”
Yes. We have developed a process which completely eliminates mottling and crazing defects in hard coating.

“We are using hard coat per mil spec MIL-8625 on one of our product lines. The sharp edges of our product have lead to considerable chipping of this coating. Can you eliminate chipping without radiusing the edge?”
Possibly, we have a special process that addresses this issue. We can make your coating harder and denser, reducing the risk of chipping defects caused by practical use.