Coating & Finishing Chemicals

Sanford Process provides a range of chemical solutions for use in the aluminum anodizing industry. Our unique, effective anodizing supplies are specially formulated to make the process more effective and more efficient. These coating and finishing chemicals are integral to the performance of our custom design solutions.

Using our line of specialty additives in your anodizing process will help create a better quality finish. Designed for use in various stages of aluminum anodizing, Sanford Process’s chemical solutions can enhance the look and performance of your coating.

SANFRAN® Sulfuric Electrolyte Additive An essential ingredient for both Low Voltage and CLASSIC hard coat rectification, SANFRAN® is a fully organic, non-toxic, and RoHS compliant additive to the electrolyte chemistry in Sulfuric Acid Anodizing that protects the aluminum from burning while reducing energy consumption. Used at 5% concentration of the electrolyte volume.
ANTI-FOAMER Sulfuric Electrolyte Additive Our anti-foamer solution dramatically suppresses foam in the electrolyte tank without impairing coating properties.
CRYSTANT Conversion Chemistry Accelerator for phase change conversion for the MICRALOX® process.
MICROSEED Conversion Chemistry Specially formulated chemical to seed and impregnate during the MICRALOX® process.