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Aluminum anodizing is an outstanding solution for protecting parts and components.


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To simplify how you know us and clarify the range of services we provide, DCHN and Precision Coating Company will now operate solely under the Precision Coating Company brand.

With over 50 years of experience and investment in select, value-add surface treatment, coating application, and printing technologies, Precision Coating aims to be your preferred supplier of these manufacturing services in the medical device industry, and to help you achieve your product engineering and manufacturing goals.

Whether your product needs a close-tolerance PTFE coating or an anodic coating and printing suited for regularly cleaning and sterilization, PCCI can focus its unparalleled resources and specialized capabilities to accelerate your product launch and reliably meet your manufacturing requirements over its life cycle.

The Benefits of Teflon Coating

The Benefits of PTFE Coating

Best known for its non-stick nature, PTFE coating has many useful properties, making it an excellent choice when coating components for many applications.

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Extremely Tight Tolerances

Anodic Coating for Medical Applications

When maximum performance for strong alkaline cleaning is critical to quality, MICRALOX® Ultra provides 50X the chemical resistance compared to decorative Type II anodizing.

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