Hudson, MA

Since the facility opened in 1978, the Hudson location has evolved to be our central operation for fluoropolymer coatings. After continuous re-investment and upgrades, we house state-of-the-art PTFE coating application services—from prototype through large volume production, coating formulation development and manufacturing, and central applications development and engineering services. Hudson is certified to ISO-13485.

Most of the services to support customer coating selection, early stage sampling, coating and application evaluation and testing, and process development are provided at this facility. When new capabilities are required by our customers, including process and application development, or a new coating formulation, the work is normally done in Hudson.

The corporate and management teams are primarily located in Hudson.

Coyol, Costa Rica 

Our facility in the Coyol Free Trade Zone just outside of San Jose, Costa Rica in 2017. This facility operates with the latest automation technology to achieve exceptional tolerance control for commercial work supporting manufacturing of interventional wire and similar components and process tools for the emerging medical device manufacturing base in Costa Rica. Coyol is certified to ISO-13485.

Woonsocket, RI

One of the largest aluminum finishing operations on the East Coast of the U.S., the Woonsocket facility serves the global surgical instrument manufacturers and a range of other high-specification end markets. The company focuses on specialized anodic coatings based on our proprietary MICRALOX® technology and novel, permanent printing and marking capabilities. With our extensive lab, pilot, small-volume, and large-volume production capabilities, we serve leading global companies to solve some of their most challenging requirements for chemical and corrosion resistance for re-usable medical devices that must be cleaned and sterilized between uses, as well as achieve long-service life in other aggressive environments. Woonsocket is certified to ISO-13485.

Our engineering team works with customers from new product inception through commercial production to help them identify, evaluate, prototype, test, and scale-up the coating of and printing on aluminum devices to achieve their business objectives. The facility houses a lab for application development and product testing to support our customers design and engineering decisions.

Bedford, MA

N2 Biomedical is our newest edition to the Precision Coating family.  Operating out of Bedford, MA, N2 provides nano-engineered coatings and surface treatment services to the medical device OEM.  The company has been the innovator in ion beam technology for over 30 years and processes over 500,000 implants per year for Tier 1 orthopedic, cardiovascular and orthodontic companies around the world.  With frequent audits from customers, N2 maintains greater than 99.7% process yield with robust and complete systems for control of processes.