Sanford Process Overview


Founded in 1953 by electro-chemist Dr. Paul Sanford, Sanford Process traces its roots back to the beginning of the industrial hard anodizing process. Since our beginning, we have focused on expanding aluminum coating technology—in the first instance by developing a unique solution to eliminate burning of hard anodizing alloys with significant copper content. A completely non-toxic and effective electrolyte additive called SANFRAN® was the first product of Dr. Sanford and John Franklin. Like many of our solutions, SANFRAN not only achieved its primary objective of eliminating burning, but also brought additional benefits, by reducing power consumption and allowing greater coating thicknesses on many alloys. With this technology, the SANFORD CLASSIC® process was established, and has grown as the leading anodize process used around the world.

In order to best meet aluminum coating needs across a number of industries, Sanford Process embraces continuous improvements in the hard anodizing process. The original Low-Voltage Hard Coat Rectification processes was introduced in 1977 as a result of research and development inspired, funded, and managed by Roger Huebsch. Dr. Moisie Lerner joined the research group in the same year in Natick, MA.

Sanford Process continues to be staffed by some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the aluminum anodizing field who draw on years of experience working with customers and who have a deep understanding of the aluminum coating and hard anodizing processes. Our team can leverage this experience to shorten the time to find a successful anodize process solution for your aluminum finishing challenge. Our team brings a broad skill set to customer problems including anodize process development and Design of Experiments; equipment design, development, and modification capability—including electrical, mechanical, and controls engineering; chemical selection, operating parameters, and chemical maintenance; operating experience from rack design through process start up, and much more.

Located in Woonsocket, RI, Sanford Process serves customers globally with aluminum coating and finishing services. We license our technology throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Sanford Process is a subsidiary of Precision Coating, which specializes in surface coatings and metal finishing application technologies and related services for the medical device industry.

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