The clear, translucent oxide of MICRALOX® Lumina provides a perfect balance of breakthrough chemical resistance and design flexibility for medical device applications. Whether left natural, or dyed one of nine vivid colors, MICRALOX Lumina coatings achieves 16X the resistance in a hot alkaline strip test compared to Type II decorative anodizing. Unlike conventional anodizing and hard coat, the partially crystalline anodic coatings of MICRALOX Lumina hold up over a life-time of regular cleaning and sterilization without fading, chalking, or corroding.

As with all MICRALOX coatings, MICRALOX Lumina can receive embedded Sanford Print for crisp, permanent markings that do not delaminate, fade, or chip. This combination of superior chemical- and corrosion-resistant coating and non-destructive markings provides assurance for a full life-time of stringent cleaning and sterilization, as required of all medical devices.

For more information on MICRALOX Lumina performance, download this coating datasheet.

MICRALOX, our revolutionary coating technology for medical device components, produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface, which delivers dramatically superior chemical and corrosion resistances and eliminates color-fading due to super-heated steam.