When maximum performance for strong alkaline cleaning is critical to quality, MICRALOX® Ultra provides 50X the chemical resistance compared to decorative Type II anodizing. Aluminum parts coated with MICRALOX Ultra can withstand high-pH cleaning and sterilization protocols commonly used in European markets. MICRALOX Ultra coated parts can also withstand many other aggressive environments that would otherwise strip conventional anodic coatings and subject the parts to extensive corrosion.

As with all MICRALOX coatings, MICRALOX Ultra can receive embedded Sanford Print for crisp, permanent markings that do not delaminate, fade, or chip. This combination of best-in-class chemical- and corrosion-resistant coating and non-destructive markings provides the maximum protection for medical instruments for superior in-field performance.

For more information on MICRALOX Ultra performance, download this coating datasheet.

MICRALOX, our revolutionary coating technology for medical device components, produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface, which delivers dramatically superior chemical and corrosion resistances and eliminates color-fading due to super-heated steam.