Engineered Coatings

From Semiconductors to Aerospace with Rigorous Quality Standards

From our beginning as one of the world’s first licensed applicators of Teflon® to today’s mastery of tight-tolerance coating technology, Precision Coating’s portfolio of industrial component coating services has grown to become one of the industry’s most diverse.

Leveraging our experience in medical products and our years of experience with highly engineered components, our focus has narrowed on those industrial applications that demand extreme quality and tight tolerance. Comparable to the medical device industry, we also focus our attention on industries from semi-conductor to aerospace components. While many fluoropolymer applicators cast a wide net, Precision Coating is focused on meeting exact standards that others can’t meet.

Consistent Quality of Engineered Component Coating Services:

  • Rigorous incoming inspection and quality control
  • Creative partnership with customers to solve engineering challenges with custom fluoropolymer solutions
  • Responding to the need for tight tolerances with statistically exact coating thicknesses
  • Experience with 10,000+ engineered components in various shapes, sizes and materials
  • Delivering responsiveness worldwide, in tight integration with customer’s supply chains
  • A staff of dedicated experts with decades of training in PTFE application

The entire process begins as easily as a single click. Request a quote on your engineered component coating needs and experience Precision Coating’s dedication first hand.

Coating Materials

Why work with Precision Coating?


  • High yields, low scrap rates: customers don’t pay for rejected products
  • Exact conformity to customer specifications


  • Responsive to inquiries: quotes supplied in less than 24 hours
  • Product is promptly, dependably delivered in the time promised


  • Each customer requirement is fully understood before a new project begins


  • Develops ingenious coating solutions in response to unique requirements


  • Dedicated to detail in meeting…and exceeding…customer expectations


  • Commonly adopts customer test methods and protocols to conform to customers’ internal quality standards and processes

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