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Two Color Anodizing

Aluminum finishing products



Aluminum Finishing & Anodizing

Precision Coating offers a wide range of aluminum finishing and anodizing services to meet the needs of our customers. We can engineer anodic coatings to meet a range of unusual needs.

Our various finishing methods offer numerous benefits for treated parts, including improved wear and corrosion resistance, greater surface hardness, enhanced dielectric properties, and more. Many finishes allow for the colorization of treated components. We can also customize many of our anodizing and finishing processes to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

Customized Finishes

Precision Coating has a range of pre-treatments and surface preparations available to meet your coating needs. We can vary all the key process factors of our finishing and anodizing services to produce the perfect coating for your application.



Conversion Coatings

Also known as chemical film coatings, these coatings passivate the aluminum surface to protect against corrosion while retaining electrical conductivity. Iridite and alodine conversion coatings can be applied in conjunction with hard anodized coatings.