Surface Service: Examining Coatings and Surface Treatment

PCCI Is Mentioned in an MPO Article on Advancements of Coating Technologies for the Medical Industry

MPO recently published an article discussing how the coatings and surface treatments of medical devices can create significant value by enhancing the outer layer of the medical device. The full, original article written by Mark Crawford can be found on MPO’s website. In the article, Crawford states, “Medical device engineers are always looking for new ways to improve the performance of medical device substrates through the use of engineered coatings, especially as device components become smaller and are designed to deliver greater functionality.”

Medical Coatings Must Follow Stringent Regulations That are Constantly Changing

Medical device manufacturers have strict guidelines when manufacturing products, and having a range of coatings and surfaces on their devices helps them align with the needs of the device and the requirements for functionality. The article sites that surgical coatings enhance the conductive abilities of electrosurgical devices, improving both surgeon performance and patient outcome and safety—requirements for which are only expected to become more stringent as time goes on.

Precision Coating’s Dave DiBiasio sites an example of how the coatings offered at Precision Coating makes a difference for medical devices: “ … wire platforms that rotate at as much as 12,000 rpm for clot removal require precise applications of coating to avoid ovality and run out. We use automated application to ensure uniform depositions and tight tolerances.”

DiBiasio also explains how substrates like nitinol, which falls under newer, more exotic substrates being used for coatings with lower cure temperatures, allows them to maintain lubricity and bondability, and therefore makes the material more attractive for the medical industry.

To read the full article, check out MPO’s website. To learn more about Precision Coating’s medical coating capabilities, click here, or contact Precision Coating directly with any questions.

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