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When exact requirements require extraordinary attention to detail or the application demands unusually challenging performance requirements, Precision Coating is the company to work with for aluminum finishing. For many years, our team has produced high quality finishes on some of the most complex parts that go into some of the most sophisticated applications – and do so on time and on budget and meeting all applicable certifications including Mil-A-8625 and Mil-C-5541 amongst others.

Unmet Needs

Precision Coating is the only anodizing company that can provide the following unique solutions for aluminum finishing for Military & Aerospace applications:

Microcrystalline Anodic Coatings for Exceptional Corrosion Resistance – Defense related equipment requires a high degree of reliability and the ability to withstand some of the most aggressive environments. MICRALOX coatings have exceeded 15,000 hours of saltwater spray testing without pitting.

Detailed Hand Masking – Our team has many years experience in closely understanding design and engineering objectives and can translate a print into a high quality finished part. Our maskers have developed exceptionally reliable methods to allow for selective conductivity within certain areas or features of a part. 

Dielectrics – As Precision Coating operates the Sanford Process Low Voltage rectification processes, we can produce a high quality coating > 2 mils and/or modify the coating through other process technology to achieve higher dielectric breakdown in comparison to conventional hard coat anodizing.


Optics: Aluminum is used in many optical systems such as night vision equipment and regularly produces high quality parts with detailed masking and color consistency across a range of design requirements. Contact Precision Coating.

Electronics: Increasing amount of electronic equipment in military applications has complex finishing requirements for naval, aerospace, and army applications. Applications include electronic housings, antennas, and a variety of specialty articles for naval, aerospace, and land applications.

Gun Parts: We have been finishing gun parts for some of the leading gun manufacturers in the United States for many years now. With our rapid and high quality service, we can produce a consistent aluminum finishing to meet your specification as well as take on more challenging projects such as unusual color matching.