Aluminum articles used in marine applications are especially prone to corrosion. We have worked with many leading general marine and government suppliers to provide both conventional and proprietary aluminum finishing services for this demanding end use.

Unmet Needs

Precision Coating is the only anodizing company that can provide the following unique solutions for aluminum finishing for Marine applications:

Colored Hard Coat – For the yachting and commercial marine world, the ability to provide conventional hardcoat performance and a wide variety of vibrant colors is a positive contributor to brand and design distinctiveness without sacrificing performance.

Permanent Colors – Most aluminum is colored with organic dyes. While such dyes can allow for all the colors (except white), they suffer from varying degrees by easily oxidizing due to UV, ozone, or heat. We have developed technologies that allow for excellent dye performance to withstand fading. This is especially important for equipment that is kept outside.

Chemical Stability – Marine applications are constantly attacked by harsh, salt-water conditions. Conventional anodizing and hard coat is susceptible to salt ion corrosion over time. Precision Coating offers the only anodic coating – MICRALOX – that was tested to 15,000 hours in a salt water spray chamber without corrosion.


Hardware: Cleats, clamps, rails, tracks, and other marine hardware are often made from aluminum. Getting this hardware delivered to specification and be long lasting is a key requirement.

Hydraulics: Performance sailing increasingly relies on exact sale trimming that is accomplished through hydraulic controls. These parts are constantly exposed to the elements and need protective coatings.