Lean Manufacturing in Anodizing: Building a Lean Anodizing House

The 9 Pillars and Foundations of a Lean Manufacturing Operation

We all strive for quality, on-time delivery, and low manufacturing costs. Achieving these goals consistently can be challenging. At Precision Coating, we’ve found the best way to deliver on these promises is to follow lean manufacturing practices in anodizing.

This white paper discusses:

  • What lean manufacturing is
  • How to build a lean manufacturing house in anodizing
  • The 9 pillars and foundations of a lean operation
  • Real examples of lean solutions

Precision Coating continues to successfully incorporate lean strategies in our daily operations. Through continuous improvement of various processes and procedures, we are able to increase efficiency and reduce waste and costs. Fill out the form to read this white paper, “Lean Manufacturing in Anodizing: Building a Lean Anodizing House” and learn how this may benefit you as a business, and as a customer.