Industrial Machinery

DCHN metal finishes for industrial applicationsDescription

Machinery reliability and up time is a major requirement, and aluminum parts need to be finished to protect against corrosion and abrasion resistance so that they do not fail. However, there are other needs as well, and we have been at the forefront of developing unique and innovative solutions for the aluminum finishing requirements of this segment.

Unmet Needs

Precision Coating is the only anodizing company that can provide the following unique solutions for aluminum finishing for consumer applications:
Colored Hard Coat – Just because it’s going into machinery doesn’t mean that there isn’t a design requirement. We are also the only company in the United States that provides Low Voltage Hard Anodizing that allows for the formation of a clear oxide that can be extensively and vibrantly colored. Ask for QUANTUM HARD COAT.

2000 Series Hard Coat – Most people are taught by their anodic coating vendors that you can’t hard coat 2000 series aluminum. This in turn has led people to move away from this terrific alloy – when they could have accomplished all of their needs if they had used SANFORD PROCESS Low Voltage hard coat rectification. The unique AC over DC overlay in the SANFORD PROCESS system allows very high current densities to impart excellent abrasion, scratch, and chip resistance but without the risk of burning.

Permanent Colors – Most aluminum is colored with organic dyes. While such dyes can allow for all the colors (except white), they suffer from varying degrees by easily oxidizing due to UV, ozone, or heat. We have developed technologies that allow for excellent dye performance to withstand fading. This is especially important for equipment that is kept outside.

Chemical Stability – Machinery used in industrial workplaces can often be attacked by harsh conditions. Conventional anodizing and hard coat is susceptible to dissolution in both acidic and caustic environments. Precision Coating offers the only anodic coating – MICRALOX – that can withstand these conditions due to a unique crystalline phase change.


Gas & Oil: Aluminum equipment used in the energy sector is often prone to failure due to the harsh conditions. Precision Coating offers the best corrosion and chemical resistance solutions of any anodic coating supplier.

Machinery: High performance equipment has both high functional and industrial design requirements. We can provide both – as well as maintain the economics needed for successful commercialization.