Polyamide-imides may be thermosetting or thermoplastic amorphous polymers that have exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties. Polyamide-imides are produced under the trademark Torlon®. Other high-performance polymers in this same realm are polyetheretherketones and polyimides. Polyamide-imides are used extensively as wire coatings in coating magnet wire as well as other high performance applications.

Polyamide-imides hold, as the name suggests, a positive synergy of properties from both polyamides and polyimides, such as high strength, melt processibility, exceptional high heat capability, and broad chemical resistance.

The PAI enamel is very thermally stable as well as abrasion and chemical resistant.

PAI is also used in decorative, corrosion resistant coatings for industrial uses, often in conjunction with fluoropolymers. The PAI aids in adhering the fluoropolymer to the metal substrate. They also find usage in non-stick cookware coatings.

Key Characteristics of Polyamide-imide:

  • Durable
  • Good thermal properties
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

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