CRC High-Performance / Hydrophobic Coatings

Dopplar_domeAvailable to Customers for Field Application/Repair and
Application in OEM production plants

As a coatings development specialist, Precision Coating is often called upon to create customized coatings to address specific requirements of the customer. Such a research endeavor has yielded the CRC High-Performance Coatings line. Precision Coating makes CRC Coatings available to customers who want to apply the coatings themselves at their own site.

CRC 1000 and CRC 2000 are PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) and PPS-PTFE (a hybrid of Polyphenylene Sulfide and Polytetrafluouroethylene) coatings. PPS high-performance coatings are used where chemical or abrasion resistance is required. Combined with PTFE, PPS produces coated substrates with low coefficient of friction and good wear resistance.
Applications: wire and thread guides, molds, housings, driers, valves, stirrers and reactor linings.

Helicopter_radomeCRC 6000 & 6800 are high-performance hydrophobic coatings exhibiting a superior UV resistance & long-term water repellency. Additionally, the CRC 6000 line also provides excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and impact and is self-cleaning in most environments.

Applications: Radomes (both stationary and mobile) and satellite dishes to prevent water film from building up and hindering radio signals.

CRC 6800 – while similar to CRC 6000, CRC 6800 offers a superior abrasion and chemical resistance.

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