Consumer Products

Aluminum finishing for kitchen and consumer productsDescription

Precision Coating’s unique and innovative aluminum finishing solutions address many needs for consumer applications, which range from household and kitchen goods, tools and hardware, to consumer electronics. Whether you need a dishwasher safe finish to the widest range of decorative or functional finishes, choose Precision Coating as your aluminum finishing specialist.

Unmet Needs

Precision Coating is the only anodizing company that can provide the following unique solutions for aluminum finishing for consumer applications:

Dishwasher Safe – All kitchen and laundry items get cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaning agents in detergents and household cleaners, coupled with the thermal cycles of dishwashers and driers, can cause accelerated dissolution of anodic coatings. Once the coating is compromised, the aluminum substrate can be attacked, causing corrosion, chalking, and other failures.

Zero Crazing Aluminum Hard Coat – Conventional aluminum hard coat can craze due to the different expansion characteristics of the coating versus the substrate. These stress fractures spoil the aesthetics of the part. If your anodized parts are crazing, call Precision Coating.

Permanent Colors – Most aluminum is colored with organic dyes. While such dyes can allow for all the colors (except white), they suffer from varying degrees by easily oxidizing due to UV, ozone, or heat. We have developed technologies that allow for excellent dye performance to withstand fading.


Kitchen Ware: Aluminum is used for a variety of utensils and cookware, including pots, pans, and skillets. Make your aluminum cookware dishwasher resistant! Contact Precision Coating.

Electronics: Audio and computer equipment is often made out of aluminum given its weight to strength characteristics and the many ways it can be finished.

Tools & Hardware: Make your tools and hardware out of aluminum but protected to last. We provide a range of unique and innovative anodic coatings, including the ability to print in the oxide for permanent metal printing and low fade colors.